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May 2015

Columbia Mountain is a fantastic trail because it’s so close by! It’s right off of the highway too so it’s very easy to get to. Since it goes pretty high it’s not very easy to hike in the winter, early spring or late fall though thanks to all the snow… that’s why we didn’t quite make it to the top. It’s still worth it.


One of the first things you come upon is this cute waterfall. Depending on the season there usually isn’t much water so it’s easy to get across.


Another water crossing, you may get a bit wet at this one!


Once you get up a few miles the views start getting real nice!



In the spring water trickles from all sorts of places through and along the rocks.


Ladybug find. Now the trail is somewhat low key for a while, the first few miles. We even wondered if we were on the correct trail at one point because it got pretty flat and even went down at one point. As it turns out you just kind of go around the mountain for a while but then you start going upward. I mean, you start to climb, quickly. Switch back after switch back and it continues that way for the rest of the trail, we made it within about 3/4 of a mile of the top. It ends at Alpine Trail No. 7.


The snow is what stopped us from getting to the top, it got steep after this and more snow made it more dangerous. We definitely could have made it without Ron and with crampons but safety is paramount.

That’s it for this one, I will be writing a new blog post for this hike in 2017 so stay posted because I will be making it to the top!

Happy trails!

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