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Dec 2016

Whitefish Mountain – Christmas Day (with my new WASPcam™)

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of WASPcam™. All opinions are 100% mine.


Christmas 2016 was a stunning day here in NW Montana, I had social obligations in the afternoon but decided it wouldn’t stop me from getting to the mountain and killing a few runs. Of course, by killing I mean almost killing myself, haha. Seriously though, I may found my love for powder but at this stage of learning that also includes a whole lot of up close face time with the pow.


Another exciting bit to the day was getting to test out my new WASPcam™! One of the first things I noticed is that it’s waterproof WITHOUT a case, that’s right, no case needed! If you’re an outdoor enthusiast like myself then you realize just how exciting that is.

WASPcam™ 9907 4K

Okay so first thing, I’m getting my boarding gear together and decided to go ahead and open the camera box up. It’s packaged simply, you don’t need wire cutters to break into the thing, so that’s a perk. Once I got the box open all these goodies came out! There are six different mount options that come with this, how rad is that!

20161227_070140 20161227_065937
My new WASPcam™ and I are now ready to hit the mountain, and I know I already mentioned how stunning the day was so I want to to see for yourself.
20161225_085612 IMG_20161225_155032_587
This is what WASPcam™ looks like on it’s own.
20161227_070247 20161227_070338
WASPcam™ 9907 4K

Every corner garnered these views that were to die for! If you’ve never been to Whitefish ski mountain, I recommend you change that. We’re next to Glacier National Park (as you know if you’ve been reading my blog) and on a clear day you get a fantastic view of the park. I love, LOVE getting up to the mountain as they open. It’s my favorite time to be there and I feel great when I’m leaving about the time most people arrive, plus you avoid a ton of lines. I’m pretty sure that Christmas day get real busy up there, it was filling up fast when I was taking off for the day! Luckily I avoided lines and got the best views!


Up at the summit they were snowblowing off the summit house deck and the sun was shining bright, temps were just right and all was right with the world.


I’d just made it onto my first run when I was greeted with a view I knew I wanted to capture.


See what I mean about you needing to get here?? My WASPcam™ can take photos at 20mp quality so really it’s all I need to have on me boarding! I definitely like to be able to carry one camera and my DSLR is crazy impractical so still being able to get high quality shots is a definite plus.

2016_0108_005854_017 2016_0108_010457_025

I can imagine gifting a WASPcam™ to my hiking friends too, the compact size and waterproof feature make it a slam dunk for the outdoors! It’s pretty simple to use too so even my daughter can click pics or video if she wants too, plus I don’t have to worry about her dropping it like my DSLR.


Happy holidays and happy trails!!

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Nov 2016

Lupine Lake – Marion

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Nothing like good ol’ daylight saving day to kick your butt… at least that’s what I am going to blame my late start on for this hike ;-) Leaving Kalispell around 11 am I made it to the trailhead by noon and was on my way. There isn’t much parking at the trailhead so I would think on busier, warmer days that you may have to park farther from the trail. On this day, however, there wasn’t another soul in sight. This may have been due to the cold morning or the storms surging above our heads (but not quite landing).


This hike gives you instant gratification, you’ve barely started down the trail before you get a stunning view. There’s a sheer rock side you’re standing in above a creek and a little waterfall, you’re looking at the treetops below with a nice creek. I look forward to revisiting this area come spring, I have a feeling that it will be quite the sight when the water is high.


Now, if that photo doesn’t make you want to BE THERE, you may need to find another blog to read ;)


As a whole the trail is pretty mellow. There’s no steep terrain after the first bit and the couple of miles into the lake are sheltered from the wind. I was able knock this trail out in about 2 hours total, I kept up a good pace.

20161106_124824The lake was really green in color, I did get to see some fish jumping and it seemed like they were sizeable. The trail doesn’t end at the lake either, it keeps on going although I didn’t look it up to see where exactly it comes out, I think you could do this as a little thru hike if you wanted to.


Perfect short hike when you have to get your trail fix but have errands too! At least that’s what made it perfect for me. It really has been unseasonably warm this November in Montana too, I expected to be ankle deep in snow by now.


Short and sweet post today.

Happy trails!


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Jun 2016

Liking Exercise When You Don’t Really

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Liking Exercise When You Don’t Really by Meg Worden, Feed Me Darling I’ve always hated exercise. If I had my way I would spend my days eating pie, drinking gin, smoking Camel cigarettes, and delegating. Mmmm. Pie. :::sends pie person out for more pie…

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